Death Be Not Proud

Every once in awhile, I come across a song that speaks to me. This is one of those songs. This captures, what I think, is the central human predicament. 

"Death be not proud though men will fear you.
And think you grave when they draw near you.
You take us down.
We can't escape the fact.
But I've learned by now your rite is just an act.
So lay my bones inside the hearse.
Take me in and do your worst.
But tell me why you choose to boast.
You're just a shadow and a ghost.
I'll breathe again – you'll be surprised.
When you're the only one who dies.
Death be not proud.
You'll soon find out.

You're not the end.
You're just the start of me.
Beneath my skin is the real heart of me.
So don't pretend that you can keep me locked forever in your grasp.
You're just a ship sunk on the ocean floor.
Your flag was stripped when you hit heaven's shore.
So close your grip.
But the only thing you'll ever hold is dust and ash.
Death be not proud of that.

Dates on a stone – they're just an alibi.
A simple line cannot sum up my life.
Beneath the tears.
The wreathes. the letters. and the roses.
God composes a new life as the old one decomposes. 
So come on death I've got your dues.
Take them anyway you choose.
And shake the heavens with your smile if my bones are worth your while.
But this coffin's just a womb thanks to the cross and empty tomb.
God will get the final laugh.
Death here he comes – your epitaph.

I lay down my life to find it again.
Dust turns to dust but my heart and soul ascend.
God bless the path that leads me through life's shallow end.
I lay down my life to find it at last.
Dust turns to dust but I escape this shipwrecked mast.
God bless the calm that drowns the voices from my past.
I lay down my life and find it anew.
Joy turns to joy at the thought of breaking through.
God bless the pain that makes me desperate for the view.
Death be not proud.
What are you boasting for?
Thanks be to god your walls are just an open door.
God bless the place where you can't haunt me anymore.
You can't haunt me anymore."

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