A Hushed Echo

What is a “hushed echo?”

In it’s most simple form –

I don’t know.

I chose it as the new title for my blog.

To be honest, I was looking for a catchy name that would make you and I think.

That’s it.

I came up with “A Hushed Echo,” thought it sounded deep, and went with it.

My interpretation came after.

Here’s what I have thus far:

Hushed means to have a “calm or still silence” and a “quiet and serious” conversation.

Echo has two main meanings:

a. A series of sounds caused by a prior sound.

b. A close parallel or repetition of an idea.

This “original” sound, this “original” idea is God.

He is the Great Sound. We – we being humanity – are His echoes.

I tend to be a quiet, solemn, serious person. I observe, listen, and contemplate.

I am hushed.

I am an echo.

I am A Hushed Echo.

This is my blog.


Or else.

[Okay, so I do have a sense of humour.]

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