Inconsistent Beauties

Reflecting on the complexities of my own frail nature
The desire for good will manufactured by self-preservation
I am good
Because I am bad
Because I am good

Offering simple solutions
To our intricate questions
Are they the right questions?
Is that the right question?

Project: Integrity.
Let’s make a day of it
Dissipating with today’s sunset
Will it rise again?

Created to create, we create destruction
All in the name of the one we destroyed

Romanticizing doubt, we find comfort in certainty
The poor man is poor, and the rich rich
I can’t tell which man is which

Oh God, are You within reach?
I’ve stretched out my hand into Your fog of aesthetics
It’s been there awhile
And my arm is getting tired..


I See You Just The Same..

For you were once a child of innocence
And I see you just the same
Your burdens couldn’t win or lose a thing
Oh, I’d tell you once again
But you’re always on the run

Future Of Forestry – Slow Your Breath Down

This song.

It made me cry the other day.

Songs don’t do that very often anymore.

But this.

This one made an impact.

I don’t know why.

I mean, I’ve listened to this song upwards a billion times.

Give or take a few.

But it really hit me.




It did, though. It really did.

Holy jazz trumpets.



A Hushed Echo

What is a “hushed echo?”

In it’s most simple form –

I don’t know.

I chose it as the new title for my blog.

To be honest, I was looking for a catchy name that would make you and I think.

That’s it.

I came up with “A Hushed Echo,” thought it sounded deep, and went with it.

My interpretation came after.

Here’s what I have thus far:

Hushed means to have a “calm or still silence” and a “quiet and serious” conversation.

Echo has two main meanings:

a. A series of sounds caused by a prior sound.

b. A close parallel or repetition of an idea.

This “original” sound, this “original” idea is God.

He is the Great Sound. We – we being humanity – are His echoes.

I tend to be a quiet, solemn, serious person. I observe, listen, and contemplate.

I am hushed.

I am an echo.

I am A Hushed Echo.

This is my blog.


Or else.

[Okay, so I do have a sense of humour.]

Oh, dear! Oh, my! Oh – screw it.

“Are we all punished for sins of fathers.
It seems so pointless to have an existence
In a world misused.

It seems so pointless to have an opinion
When yours is never true.”
The Color Morale – The Dying Hymn

Dear Ambiguity,

I thought I was over you.

Okay, so maybe I was only trying to fool myself.

But I thought I made progress.

Really, I did.

Lately, though, I’ve been doubting my doubts.

Am I really doubting for truth’s sake, or doubting because I’m too afraid to clamp onto something?

I realize I’ll never be certain,

but is that really an excuse to throw my convictions overboard?

I think that’s a little overboard.

I may muster a smile during the day,

my teeth grind at night.

Processing has become a process not for the sake of progress but simply for the sake of the process.

Freeze frame – rewind.

I thought you and I were past this.

But you’ve cornered me again,

raped me of my lunch money,

and my integrity.

You know, it’s funny, though.

I laughed, at least.

That moment you spooked me the most.

When I thought I lost my faith.

I went to Him for comfort.

Here’s how it went down:

“Oh, God, I don’t believe in You…”

“Oh shit, life is meaningless..”

“Jesus, I trust you to bring me through.”

Dear Ambiguity,

I used to think you the enemy.

Now, I’m not so sure.