Grey Matter


i want to be honest

but im lost in the dark
i cant see how i feel
and i cant feel what i see
Without the light
There’s no difference
Between an animal and me

A ghost in a shell
Since when do ghosts feel pain?


A lone wolf beneath the sky
Not sure if I’m calling for a mate
Or warding everyone else off
I think.

Some know me rabid
Some know me tame
I can’t tell the difference anymore


A cat.
Among dogs.
I’d rather they let me be
I’m different
But we’re all animals
Not fully

We shed
our dirty hair everywhere
We bark
In the middle of the night
While you’re sleeping
Is it all a sham?

Before you know
I’ve clawed up the couch.
For sheer amusement.
I’d say sorry,
But I’d be lying
I enjoyed it

A lot.

I’m not sorry
The room smells like shit
It’s my fault
But I blame you for where you put the litterbox

I’m not sorry.
I need you
Don’t leave. Don’t kick me out.
I mean..
I have doubts I’ll ever be tame,
Whatever the hell that means.

But don’t give up on me

I have.

Don’t give up on me.

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