The Day Eschatology Went To The Moon

About a year ago, John Hagee’s book, Four Blood Moons, came to my attention. I almost bought into his theory (I’m a newbie at this following Jesus stuff, okay?).

Now, however, I don’t come close to buying into what he has to say. I don’t mean to degrade him in a harsh way, but he’s been writing books promoting the sign that will lead to the fulfillment of eschatological promises in Scripture since 1996, and most, if not all, of his works have been complete and utter flukes. Yet, he continues to make money out the wazoo. (I’m not sure I know what it means to go “out the wazoo,” so forgive me if my vocabulary doesn’t suffice) I find it hard to trust someone who has essentially been saying “this is the definitive sign that will usher in the new age!!!!!!111onefourzzone” for almost 20 years. Nonetheless, he does seem to be getting a lot of people into the Kingdom. Praise God for that! Keep it up Hagee, woot woot.

This time around, his main thesis in Four Blood Moons basically states in 2014 and 2015 there will be four blood moons.

(Okay, that’s nice, but what is a blood moon? What are blood moons? A blood moon is basically a lunar eclipse where the moon turns a shade of red. Exciting? Yes. Prophetic? Not so much.)

Hagee says this series of four blood moons (hereafter referred to as a “Tetrad.” This is what NASA refers to the series of four.) is something that God has used in history past to warn Israel of coming events that will rock their world. How does He do it? Make each of the blood moons appear on a Jewish holiday/feast day. This is supposed to warn the Israelites (and the rest of the world) that something big is going to happen.

Three main examples he uses are:

1. 1493 and 1494 – The Spanish Inquisition. Jews were kicked out of Spain and killed. If God chose to warn the Jews about the Inquisition, He was a bit late, considering the Spanish Inquisition started in 1478.

2. 1949 and 1950 – Israel becomes an independent nation. Except that Israel became an independent nation in 1948. Maybe God was using the moon as some sort of solar firework celebration (still not likely)…but He certainly wasn’t predicting the future.

3. 1967 and 1968 – The 6 Day War with Egypt. Israel won. However, it wasn’t because they had an indication from God this war was going to happen…they didn’t get that until 10 months after the war ended. In fact, the fourth of the moons in this Tetrad didn’t appear until 22 months after the war. Jesus should really get the Father a Rolex for Father’s Day or something.

If these Tetrads really are signifying something of importance to the Jews, or even to the world, they’re a bit too late. The events already happened before they appeared.

Not to mention the fact that HUNDREDS of Tetrads have occurred throughout history (and why were none of them pointing to THE HOLOCAUST? If God wanted to warn the Jewish people of significant events..I’d say that’s of some importance.. But no Tetrad present.), and the vast majority correspond to absolutely nothing. If three or four of them seem to correspond to events, it makes sense by a matter of sheer probabilities. At this point, it’s also important to note that Jewish holidays/feast days are set on full moons. Since a blood moon cannot occur without it being a full moon, it is even more likely that blood moons would occur on Jewish holidays. In fact, this has happened before(many times before), dating all the way back to the first few centuries after Christ’s resurrection, and quite possibly further still (162-63 AD, 795-96 AD, 842-43 AD, 860-61 AD).

When blood moons are mentioned in Scripture, it is usually in conjunction with the Sun turning dark. Sometimes, other earthly events, such as monstrous earthquakes, are said to be present. This does not occur with these Tetrads, or at least there is no indication of said occurrences.

When Scripture speaks of the moon turning into blood, it only mentions it happening once – not four times – and especially not periodically throughout history.

If the Tetrad is supposed to be a sign to the world, or even to just the Israelites, then the Tetrad should be visible to more than roughly 50,000 people. One of the 2015 eclipses will be visible only to a remote and far off portion of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. The only human beings who will be able to witness the eclipse are those inhabiting the Faroe Islands and the island of Svalbard. These islands tend to be subjected to a lot of clouds during the time period this eclipse will take place, and quite frankly, are a hassle to get to. In fact, each of the eclipses in this Tetrad will only be visible by a select number of people around certain parts of the globe. If the Tetrad was a message for the entire planet, why doesn’t God do something special to make it visible to all people? If it is super significant to Israel, why are only one of the eclipses visible to the nation during the two year period? If these really are supposed to be a sign to the world, it seems God sucks at what He’s trying to convey. Speaking of – what’s the point? Even if they are a sign for everyone, how does this change our lives? What do we do? Sit around and cry in fear about it? If we don’t have the specifics for what it’s supposed to be predicting, all we’re doing is wasting our time on fruitless endeavors that lead us no closer to God – all the while making John Hagee’s pocket book a bit bigger, when we could be spending time with those who have no one, or using our money for other causes.

In summary, I think the four blood moons are a load of bologna (but please don’t make a blood moon bologna sandwich…even if the bologna resembles a blood moon). However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of me being wrong (Not that I’m ever wrong). I could be completely wrong and something catastrophic like nothing we’ve ever seen could happen upon us. But if so – so what? God incarnate suffered for me, died for me, and straight up loves me with a love that I can barely begin to comprehend. He promises to take care of me now and forevermore. That’s what I’m learning to pour my heart and mind into..not trying to predict the future – something Jesus told us we will never be able to do. So, chill guys. He’s got this. We’ve got people to love.


Christian Research Journal Vol. 37 No. 2 2014

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